Wildfang design puts highest value on using best possible materials.
We are convinced: The special character of all our products is achieved by the perfect harmony of ideal fit,
most careful manufacture and outstanding quality of materials.

Wildfang design uses exclusively finest leather and skins
from famous tanneries where severe conditions have to be
met and highest qualities are demanded.
We guarantee:
The leather qualities we use are free of any AZO-colours
and cancer-causing pentachlorphenol (PCP).

Lots of our leather materials are available in various
thicknesses and colours and keep their individual
characteristics depending on the tannery method.

Which leather is the right leather for your individual
purpose? We will be pleased to give you our specialist's

Wildfang design always sews all buttons with a leather strap
on the product to achieve optimal stability.

You can choose between natural buttons made of staghorn or
buffalo horn. May be you prefer metallic buttons?

Everything is possible. We take care for all your wishes:
From the industrially standard metallic button to the
individually designed goldsmith's button of sterling silver.

It is up to you to choose your favourite lining.
We offer cotton sateen, linen, wool or silk in
various colours and finest qualities.

Wildfang design stands for using only highest qualities: From best
threads made in Germany, high-grade zippers, stainless eyelets and
push buttons to solid brass buckles.